Gotham Steakhouse: Prime Beef Burger with R&B Brewing’s Hoppelganger IPA


DSC_0318Now, I don’t usually feature burgers but I figure summer is here and what’s more summer than a nice juicy burger? So throughout the summer I will be posting some of the best burgers that I come across. Thought this was a pretty good place to start.Everyone knows Gotham Steakhouse is one of the top steakhouses in Vancouver, but did you know they do a burger made from the very same beef they use for their steaks? Head there for their Prime Beef Burger paired with R&B Brewing’s Hoppelganger IPA. DSC_0324The Gotham Prime Beef Burger is perfectly simple. The 10 ounce patty is ground in-house from the exact same prime grade (better than AAA) beef they use for their top quality steaks. The burger is topped with a thick cut beefsteak tomato, dill pickle wedges, green leaf lettuce and mayo on a locally sourced potato bun. I opted to go for the aged cheddar and double smoked bacon additions too. Right away it’s the beef that stands out, it’s unreal.DSC_0363To be honest I don’t think I’ve tasted better beef in my life. The beef is also ground with just the right amount of fat to keep it juicy and full of flavour. The aged cheddar is really nice with its sharpness and the bacon is crispy and salty. I loved the use of the classic beefsteak tomato on this burger, bringing great texture as well as a robust tomato flavour. The thick dill pickle wedges along with the tomato bring the acidity and the green leaf lettuce is delightfully fresh. I can safely say this is the best burger I have ever had. Period.DSC_0349Now, part of the reason I wanted to explore some of these more “Upscale” spots was to see which ones were catching on to the craft beer boom in Vancouver, and Gotham has recently done just that. They now carry a great line up of local craft beer including a long standing staple R&B Brewing’s Hoppelganger IPA. This beer paired wonderfully with this spectacular burger. The beer’s hop forward flavour matched up nicely with the beef’s strong flavour, and it’s bitterness on the back end cut the fat splendidly as well. This IPA is quite well balanced with its malt flavour as well so that made for a nice combination with the saltiness from the bacon. This pairing was a perfect example of how high quality meat should be paired with a nice bold IPA, similarly to how one would pair a big, bold red wine with top grade quality steak.DSC_0338So if you’re looking for a burger made with the highest quality beef paired with nicely balanced IPA from one of Vancouver’s original breweries then head to Gotham Steakhouse for This Sandwich (Burger) and That Beer.DSC_0321Listen for my monthly feature on Just Here For The Beer radio on Team 1410AM in Vancouver on the June 28th . Also look for my column in the BC Craft Beer News at your local craft beer focused private liquor store.

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