Hawkers Market: Beer Braised Pork Belly “BLT” with 33 Acres of Life California Common

Gojira-Vancouver-VancityBuzz-11x17This Saturday will be my public sandwich making debut at Hawkers Market happening this Saturday at Studio East (1480 Frances St) 6pm – late. That’s right. After eating and drinking my way around this great city I have decided to give one my own creations a shot, paired up with 33 Acres Brewing.Tickets are $10 and available hereHawkers is a great concept whose intention is to help early stage local food entrepreneurs cultivate their businesses and have a place to conduct commerce.

Hawkers IntentionsThe sandwich is a Beer Braised Pork Belly “BLT” and will be paired up with the 33 Acres of Life California Common. This sandwich features 2 day brined pork belly that is slow braised in 33 Acres of Life, tomato, onions and various herbs and spices. The pork will be topped with a roasted tomato jam and lightly dressed arugula. All this between a fresh baked baguette from Railtown Cafe, with a healthy lather of herb mayo.photoYup, it’s awesome. Paired up with a 33 Acres Of Life California Common it’s even better! Here’s a nice description of the beer quoted from www.33acresBrewing.com:

“Rooted in West Coast convictions of resourcefulness and persistence, the California Common was born out of the Gold Rush of 1848. Even back when brewing equipment was scarce beer enthusiasts were unwilling to put their craft on hold. Making do with less, inventive brewing techniques led to the creation of a hybrid lager and ale. Out of necessity the brewmasters became partial to using the Pacific air as a cooling system and sourced hops locally. So it goes, this beer came to be apart of the cultural identity among the working class in the late 19th century. This style was widely known to satisfy an insatiable thirst after a long day of work as they built the foundations for life in the West as it stands today. Distinguished in breweries at the time by using copious amounts of local hops and very high carbonation.

Traversing a little further North here in wooded British Columbia our beer serves the very same purpose. Easy on the alcohol content and weighing in on taste for a complete balance. Utilizing Mount Hood hops lends a spice infused aroma. A fruit like quality is created by fermenting the lager at ale temperatures. Gaining a complex taste through subtle approach; hints at a full-bodied ale yet retains a crisp finish.”

So please come to the Hawkers Market happening this Saturday at Studio East (1480 Frances St) 6pm – late. Tickets are $10 and available here. Pick up a Golden Ticket for $12 which gets you entry to East Side Flea happening earlier in the day. Work up a hunger for sandwiches and beer while rummaging through all the great stuff!Summer Flyer

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