Windsor Meats & The Meatery: Butcher To Bun Carvery Sandwiches and Craft Beer

DSC_0372As I continued on my recent trek to butcher shop sandwich counters, I found myself in Edgemont Village in North Vancouver at Windsor Meats. Windsor Meats has been a popular spot among West and North Vancouver residents since 1948, but it wasn’t until 2004 that their focused shifted to free-range, all-natural, non-medicated, local meat products.DSC_0375 DSC_0378 DSC_0411They also do house made sausages, have a great selection of deli meats and cheeses and a ton of sauces, oils, dry goods and pasta. On top of that great stuff, earlier this year they opened The Meatery, a butcher to bun carvery sandwich counter right next door with 4 craft beer taps!DSC_0366The Meatery offers five different sandwiches all served on organic ciabatta bread. I  tried halved versions of three of the five and one of their incredible and huge house made sausage rolls with stout mustard. DSC_0382The first sandwich was the hoisin and ginger braised short rib with pickled cabbage and guacamole. This was my favourite of the three, the flavor reminded me almost of a Mexican mole sauce and the guacamole was surprisingly great with the Asian flavours in the meat. DSC_0444The second was bacon wrapped turkey thigh with sausage stuffing, apple slaw, apricot chutney and applewood cheddar. This one was also awesome, the smokey bacon cradled and kept turkey thigh nice and moist, the apple slaw had great crunch, the apricot chutney was bright and tart and the applewood cheddar was perfect. DSC_0440And, finally it was a jerk pulled pork with mango, corn & avocado cream, chipotle mayo and arugula. The jerk pulled pork had great heat and a nice sweetness, that heat was nicely mellowed by the corn & avocado cream and the mango and chipotle mayo brought another sweet/heat combo that was really tasty. All were delicious and totally unique.DSC_0441As I mentioned before The Meatery is a licensed spot with 4 rotating craft beer taps. The tap list is well curated and beers are specifically chosen to be paired with the sandwiches. Currently they are pouring Driftwood Fat Tug IPA, Bridge Brewing North Shore Pale Ale, Townsite Zunga Golden Blonde Ale and Howe Sound 4-Way Fruit Ale (this one I think has changed now).DSC_0388 The pairings went as follows, the braised short rib with the North Shore Pale Ale, the turkey with Fat Tug and the jerk pulled pork with Zunga Blonde Ale. Loved the pairings on each of these, the malty North Shore Pale Ale from Bridge was great with the sweetness of the hoisin and ginger braised short rib. The big bold hop flavor in the Fat Tug was awesome with the smoky bacon, while citrusy flavour from the hops found the apricot chutney creating a nice floral taste. The Zunga Blonde Ale was nice and light with a nice bitterness, that was perfect to mild the heat from the jerk pulled pork, and still allow the sweetness from the pork to last after each sip of the beer.DSC_0421DSC_0417DSC_0414So, if you’re looking for an awesome butcher to bun carvery sandwich paired with a great local craft beer then head to The Meatery for These Sandwiches and Those Beers.DSC_0422Check out and, as well as, and for more info. Follow them all on Twitter: @WindsorMeats, @MeateryB2B, @bridgebrewcrew, @driftwoodbeer and @townsitebrewing, and follow me @TSTB_blog. Head to Legacy Liquor Store to pick any of the beers on their own, or another craft beer from their huge selection.

Also, check out my column in the BC Craft Beer News available at your favourite craft beer focused outlet and tune into “Just Here For The Beer” radio on Team 1410AM Oct 19 at 12pm PST.

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