Campagnolo Roma: Pane Bianca with R&B Brewing Campagnolo Ale

One of the best meals of my life was had at Campagnolo, a family style meal with different pasta’s, pizza’s, and antipasti’s. So when I heard about their sister restaurant Campagnolo Roma’s daily lunch sandwich, I had to get down there right away.

The lunch feature is a toasted Italian sandwich that changes daily, and is only $10 with a salad. The feature sandwich on the day I rolled in was the Pane Bianca, house baked rustic ciabatta bread with a rich tomato sauce, chorizo, saucisson sec, walla walla onions, oregano and provolone piccante.

This sandwich is an amazing example of the work they put in at Camp Roma. The chorizo, saucisson sec and ciabatta bread are made in house. It’s what sets them apart, as not too many restaurants are curing their own meats. The deep, rich tomato sauce seeps into the ciabatta breads pores, the chorizo is smoky with a little spice, the saucisson sec is fatty and flavourful and the walla walla onions are cooked just to that point where they still have a great crunch. All of this is held inside the rustic, crusty and moist ciabatta bread. The authenticity of the food at Camp Roma is what stands out. Now I’ve never been to Rome, but I think I have a pretty good idea of what I’d be getting now that I’ve had this sandwich.

When it came to the beer to pair with this sandwich, I had to go with restaurants signature beer brewed for them by R&B Brewing. The Campagnolo Ale is a classic American Pale Ale, its malty, a bit sweet and has a subtle hop finish. It works well with the sandwich, because it’s not overly complex. It’s subtle flavours, settle in nicely behind the salty cured meats, spicy provolone cheese and rich tomato sauce. Only available at their restaurants, it’s worth the trip to sit down and enjoy this beer, especially paired with whatever sandwich Campagnolo Roma is featuring on that day.

So if you’re looking for an authentic toasted Italian sandwich, at a great price, paired with an exclusive beer from a great local brewery, the head Campagnolo Roma for This Sandwich and That Beer.

Check out and for more info, follow them both on Twitter: @CampRoma and @RandBBrewing, and follow me @TSTB_Blog.

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Photo Credits: Mel Yap

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