Meat & Bread: Porchetta and Central City Brewing Red Racer Pale Ale

Meat & Bread acted as a bit of an inspiration on the sandwich side, when it came to starting this blog. Their commitment to delicious food in sandwich form, done simply is a truly wonderful thing. It’s a shame that it’s taking me this long to write a post on them. But finally the time has come.

At Meat & Bread, they offer a few options for delicious sandwiches, but when you walk the door, the intoxicating smell of the Porchetta just fills the place and you just can’t resist ordering it. Coming on a warm, fresh and soft ciabatta bun, the porchetta is tender and juicy and full of little crispy pork skin surprises. The herbs and other seasonings in the porchetta, along with a great saltiness coming from the skin combine to create a taste that is unmatched. A generous drizzle of salsa verde adds an additional layer of flavour, that’s completes the sandwich. The sandwich also comes with a dollop of their own brand of yellow mustard on the side. I loved this, because it allowed me to have little tastes of it as I navigated my way through this amazing sandwich.

When it comes to beer selection at Meat & Bread, they offer up a rotation of different BC craft beers. They basically just pick up a few cases of whatever they’d like offer that week. The great BC beer of choice the day I rolled in was Central City’s Red Racer Pale Ale. I’m already a big fan of this beer, brewed to be a big pacific northwest style pale ale. It’s crisp and refreshing, offers up a full malt body with a citrus aroma and a delicious hop finish. It paired great with the Porchetta, as it was easy to drink along with the rich roasted pork but still stood up to the sandwich’s flavour by having big bold flavours of its own.

So if you’re looking for a sandwich experience that is truly inspiring, paired with a great local craft beer, then head to Meat & Bread for This Sandwich and That Beer. If you’re looking to pick up a six-pack of the Red Racer Pale Ale, then I have to recommend hitting up Legacy Liquor in Olympic Village to find it.

Check out and for more info, follow them both on Twitter: @1meatandbread and @RedRacerBeer and follow me @TSTB_Blog.

Also, catch my monthly radio feature on “Just Here For The Beer Radio” on AM650.

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