Peckinpah: Chopped Beef Po’Boy with R&B Hoppelganger IPA

The first thing that hit me when I walked through the doors of Peckinpah, was the distinct smoky smell of Carolina style barbecue that they’ve been emitting through Gastown for the past couple years. Their massive smoker at the back of the restaurant is smoking pounds of pulled pork, beef short ribs, pork ribs, chicken, jalapeno pork sausages and beef brisket, which is all locally sourced. Not only can you get all that delicious smoked meat piled on huge platters, they’re also throwing it on some mouthwatering sandwiches.

I went for the Chopped Beef Po’boy, with marinated beef brisket, lettuce, tomato, mayo and pickles on fresh baked French baguette. The beef was fall apart tender and deliciously smoky, with that unparalleled brisket juiciness. The lettuce and tomato added a great crisp, freshness and the acidity of the pickle cut through nicely. The bread was crusty on the outside and then soft on the inside, perfect for absorbing the juice from the beef brisket. And even though it’s considered by some to be “sacrilege” in Carolina style barbecue, Peckinpah have a house made tomato based BBQ sauce (the owner’s secret recipe) on the table to pour all over that sandwich, and it’s awesome. There’s also a vinegar based Carolina style sauce on the table. They use it to mop the meat prior to smoking; you can use to re-introduce those regional flavours to the sandwich.

Peckinpah offers an excellent selection of local beers, as well as some others from the Pacific Northwest region and from across North America. I chose to pair this sandwich with R&B’s Hoppelganger IPA, a true North West style India Pale Ale from right here in Vancouver. This beer is crisp and clean with a slightly sweet finish that pairs well with the smoky flavor from the beef and the sweetness of that killer BBQ sauce. Then the beer hits you with an aggressive hop bitterness to remind you that it’s a serious IPA. I found that the flavor combination in the sandwich actually enhanced the hop flavor in the beer, which I loved.

So, if you’re looking for a true, authentic Carolina style barbecue experience on a bun with a well-crafted, locally made IPA then head to Peckinpah for This Sandwich and That Beer.

Check out and for more info, follow them both on Twitter: @PeckinpahBBQ and @RandBBrewing and follow @betweenbreadme.

Also, catch my monthly radio feature on “Just Here For The Beer Radio” on AM650.

Photo Credits: Mel Yap

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